• Persons injured in motor vehicle crashes
  • Dependents of persons killed in motor vehicle crashes
When complete information is provided, funeral claims are settled in less than 30 minutes and all other claims are processed within 30 days.
Claims should be lodged with the Fund within one year from the date of crash.
  • injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents,
  • funeral grant in
  • loss of support in respect to dependents who lost a breadwinner as a result of an accident,
  • and loss of income, medical and hospital expenses incurred

The benefits are limited because in terms of the Road Traffic Transportation Act, bakkies are not designed as vehicles for the transportation of passengers but for goods, hence they are not fitted with safety belts. The person will voluntarily assume risk by occupying such a vehicle which might increase the severity of the injuries sustained.

  • The following people qualify for Loss of Support:
    • Biological children under 21 years
    • Legally adopted children under 21 years
    • Surviving spouse
    • Biological indigent parent
  • When claiming for Loss of Support, the beneficiaries are required to provide copies of full birth certificate and marriage certificates to prove relations; surviving parents have to proof indigence.

The MVA Fund derives its income from the fuel levy. There is no other source of funding that the MVA Fund has and the funding level of the MVA Fund is determined annually by actuaries and the National Energy Fund or the Ministry of Mines and Energy

  • The MVA Fund is mandated to discharge benefits to all road users affected by road crashes. This is potentially every Namibian and all visitors.
  • Being a public institution the Fund needs to manage its funds in a prudent manner in order to be sustainable and to be able to cover all potential liabilities.
  • In addition, medical costs must be managed properly to ensure that all injured persons are fairly treated. As a public institution the Fund cannot afford to cover for luxuries; it however covers for medical and related costs at private hospitals as and when required.

1. A minor that was paid to the Masters of The High Court, but the minor dies before turning 21?

Answer: The money becomes part of the estate of the deceased.

Yes, the monies paid to the Masters of High Court do accumulate interest.

Drivers are benefitting on Injury Grant like any other injured person, however, if a driver is wholly responsible for the accident giving rise to the claim, benefits awarded are limited to reimbursement, medical treatment, rehabilitation, life enhancement or injury management.

1. if an injured person doesn’t utilize the whole amount?

Answer: The Fund does not allocate N$1.5 mil to every injured person. However it is permitted by law to spend a maximum of N$1.5 mil on medical treatment to any injured person depending on the severity of injuries.

The Fund considers all medical records presented by the claimant in the assessment of the claims. The Fund has confidence in all medical practitioners who are registered with the Namibia Health Professional Council.

The Fund only came into existence after independence, therefore only claims that arose after independence are eligible.

The Fund is trying to reach the communities that are mostly exposed to road crashes, in an effort to spread the word and safe lives. Occasionally, the Fund utilizes the radio to reach a wider audience, however plans to visit rural areas are in the pipeline.

Foreigners are limited to medical treatment and injury management for the period such a person is in Namibia. In addition they are entitled to N$ 7000.00 Funeral Grant if the person is killed in a road crash in Namibia. However, a foreigner qualifies for all other benefits if such a person is in possession of a valid work or study permit on the date of a crash.