Executive Leadership Team

Rosalia Martins-Hausiku
Chief Executive Officer

Description: Enabling the organization and its people to continuously improve the delivery of the institutional mandate, thus ensuring that the MVA Fund achieve short, medium, and long-term sustainability Read more...

Phillip Nghifitikeko
Chief Operations Officer

Description: Directs and controls Operations the service unit and branches management and staff to ensure that strategic objectives are achieved.  Ensures quality service delivery of national emergency Read More...


Julius Haikali
Chief Business Strategy

Description: Direct, develop and account for corporate planning including the Fund's strategic & annual business planning process, risk management, performance management, Show Details...


Lukas Ndjamba
Chief Financial Officer

Description: Responsible for the effective management and control of the financial resources of the Fund and proper record keeping of financial documents.  Ensures the provision of an effective and functioning accounting and procurement service Read more...


Fanuel Uugwanga
Chief Human Relations

Description: Directs and leads human relations practices and objectives that will provide a high-performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and employee wellness.  Responsible for enterprise Show Details...

 Joelyn Kurz
Chief Legal Services

Description: Provides all-encompassing legal services and board secretariat services to the MVA Fund, providing strategic guidance and direction to the service unit. Read more...


Surihe Gaomas-Guchu
Chief Corporate Affairs

Description: Responsible for the establishment and promotion of the public image and reputation management of the Fund. Ensures awareness of the Fund’s existence and operations through public education Read more....