Festive Season Road Safety Campaign

The Festive Season Road Safety project initially started under the name Xupifa Eemwenyo, as a festive season campaign spearheaded by the MVA Fund in 2005. The project was initiated with the aim of reducing fatalities, injuries and trauma on our national roads during the festive season and at the same time, to create road safety awareness amongst Namibian road users.

The main objective with the Festive Season Road Safety Campaign has always been to curtail human suffering by striving to reduce road crashes on the national road network. While statistics indicate mixed results over the years, it has been very successful in bringing road safety to the fore and has made it a national agenda.

Most stakeholders collaborated through the donation of equipment to the Namibian police, whilst other institutions contributed towards the production, distribution and airing of public education messages. The MVA Fund would like to thank all the sponsors for their continued commitment towards this project and in the same vein would like to invite members from both the private and public sectors to join in this significant cause.

The success of the campaign has always been pegged on the overwhelming support from the corporate world in Namibia, as well as other private business entities and individuals who believe in the MVA Fund’s purpose.

To date, the number of sponsors who joined in saving lives significantly grew from 36 sponsors in 2006 to over 100 in 2014. With this support, the campaign raised a total of N$14 million through various sponsorships.

Under the Festive Season Road Safety Campaign banner several stand-alone projects were rolled out, each with a specific objective, but which ultimately tie in with the goal “to save lives” on the national road network. Two of these projects were Project Ngambeka and Project TaDi.