Corporate Social Investment


The MVA Fund recognizes its obligations as a corporate citizen towards its stakeholders and the communities within which it functions. Accordingly, the Fund is committed to invest in social causes that will enhance its strategic position within corporate Namibia hence converting every investment into a strategic opportunity. The Fund’s Corporate Social Investment Programme encompasses projects undertaken for the purpose of social, developmental or community building, where the investment is a long-term investment that will enhance the Fund’s strategic position. This is to be achieved through the integration of the social investment strategy with the Fund’s business strategy.

It is recognized that every citizen in Namibia is a stakeholder of the Fund as they are all susceptible to motor vehicle accidents. It is also recognized that the MVA Fund is funded by a levy on every litre of fuel sold every time a driver/owner of a motor vehicle fuels his/her car, making them automatic stakeholders of the fuel levy system – the MVA Fund. The Fund’s CSI is a realization of the symbiotic relationship that exists between the Fund and the Namibian community. In many cases the Fund owes its successes and existence to the greater Namibian community, whilst in reciprocity, the community are in need of sustainable partnerships with the corporate in order to provide a better living standard for themselves and their children.

Above all, as embedded in our vision statement to ‘provide peace of mind to all accident victims’, this statement expresses the ‘caring’ nature of the Fund. It is therefore important that the Fund has a CSI policy that would contribute to the country’s economical and social stability and in turn assist the Fund to attain its strategic objectives. The MVA Fund’s CSI budget shall not exceed 2 % of the Fund’s total income.

Scope of MVA Fund CSI Programme

The MVA Fund’s CSI is established to benefit individuals/institutions/clubs who demonstrate potential in contributing to the attainment of the Fund objectives and upliftment of Namibia’s developmental and empowerment goals. These shall focus in the following areas:

4.1 Education and skills development in line with MVA Fund business
4.2 Social grants to learners faced with socio-economic challenges as a result of motor vehicle accidents.
4.3 Institutions representing people with disabilities.
4.4 Persons with disabilities emanating from motor vehicle accidents
4.5 Foster and cement strategic partnerships