Kambwa Trading CC and Namibia Breweries join the fight against road carnage

Stakeholders in road safety, namely northern business enterprise, Kambwa Trading CC and Namibia Breweries joined the fight against the road carnage through generous contribution towards road block support. 

Kambwa Trading business entity donated 25 reflective jackets to the personnel who will be manning the Oshivelo roadblock, while Namibia Breweries Ltd donated re-freshments as part of its support towards the upcoming long weekend road safety awareness.

The sponsorships forms part of the Fund’s engagement with stakeholders to partner with the Fund on road safety awareness rising and is an indication of multi-sectoral action and col¬laboration on projects that will influ¬ence the success of road safety initia-tives that are undertaken at national and regional levels. 

The sponsorship also compliments the efforts of the Xupifa Eemwenyo road safety campaign and is in line with the Fund’s objective of creating opportuni¬ties for communities and stakeholders to play a role in road safety in order to prevent unnec-essary loss of lives on the roads. 

This weekend’s road block operations are cen¬tered around speeding, as one of the major contributing factors to road crashes, testing drivers for alcohol as well as road worthiness checks for vehicles. Road users found guilty of these traffic offences will not escape the wrath of the law.

The MVA Fund encourages stakehold¬ers to complement law enforcement agents such as the Namibian Police in carrying out initiatives geared at creating road safety awareness in Namibia.