Recent motor vehicle crashes involving construction vehicles which were either using the road or stationed alongside the road, indicate that construction sites are becoming hotspots for fatal motor vehicle crashes. During the past two weeks, two crashes involving construction vehicles were reported to the MVA Fund, leading to the carnage of 6 people in Rehoboth and Omatjete respectively

Motorists are to exercise extra caution when approaching construction sites to ensure their own safety and that of fellow road users as well as to make construction sites safer for everyone by following this safety measures:

1. Always drive with headlamps to ensure visibility.
2. Expect the unexpected when travelling through road construction sites.
3. Adjust speed to the specified speed limit and be mindful of changes in road conditions which may dictate the appropriate speed to travel at.
4. Always observe instructions presented by traffic flow guards.
5. Be on the lookout for construction equipment, debris and road workers.
6. Most importantly, stay patient and extra vigilant.

It should be every employers’ responsibility to ensure that their most valuable assets – employees – are safe and protected from activities that can jeopardise their safety especially during working hours and en route to and from the workplace.