According to the MVA Fund Road Crash and Claims Report 2016, Namibia’s road crash fatality rate is 34.6 fatalities per 100 000 persons in the population, a horrendous picture as on average, 647 lives are lost and 6685 persons injured in 3875 crashes every year.

These crashes are mostly roll-overs, collisions and pedestrian related, all of which are attributable to road user behaviour which includes using the road while under the influence of substances.
In an effort to counter the effects of drunken driving, the MVA Fund has joined various partners including the Namibian Police, Windhoek City Police and the business community to launch the #StandSober campaign on 31 July 2017.  

The campaign primarily aims to:
-    Reduce fatal injuries resulting from crashes involving drinking and driving;
-    Increase community support for drunk driving initiatives;
-    Increase driver perception of robust enforcement of laws prohibiting drunken driving;
-    Intensify roadworthiness checks of motor vehicles.

The pilot campaign will run from 01 August 2017 until 31 January 2018.  Interventions will primarily be carried out over weekdays and weekends, with daily random breath testing.  All tests will be conducted by authorized officers with legal instruments such as breath screen devices. Registered nurses will periodically take blood samples while roadside mobile clinics with partners will be incorporated.

#StandSober campaign will be complemented by reinforced road safety education programmes, designated driver interventions and Opotuli Road Safety Campaigns.

Did you know that the allowed levels for breath is 0.37mg/1000ml and 0.079 for blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?  Let us all be sober while using the road! #StandSober