As all roads lead to Nkurenkuru in Kavango West Region for the Heroes Day commemoration, the MVA Fund pleads with all road users to buckle-up in order to ensure safety and increase their chance of survival in case of an unfortunate road crash. Seat-belt and child restraint

usage play a major role in reducing the severity of injury to vehicle occupants involved in a collision. An occupant’s chance of survival, therefore, increases greatly when appropriately restrained. Adherence to the correct use of seat-belts and child restraints is therefore important as it may mean:

  • The difference between life and death and severity of injury;
  • Reduction of serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, poly-trauma and spinal cord injuries;
  • Reduction of medical cost due to the severity of the injury.

Comparative statistics collated by the MVA Fund Call Centre for the Heroes Day period in 2016 (25-28 August 2016) and 2017 (25-27 August 2017) indicate that:

  • Crashes declined by 26%
  • Injuries declined by 36%
  • Fatalities declined by 43%

This reduction  is  testimony  of stakeholder  and  road  safety  partner  commitment and  increased collaboration in fighting the scourge on our roads, as well as the positive behavioural change by road users’ in ensuring their safety while using the road. The MVA Fund, therefore, urges all road users to apply the principle of self-policing and use seat-belts correctly, at all times to minimize resultant injuries and to report crashes to the MVA Fund Accident Response Number 081 9682, as doing so can save a life.