Aligned to its Business Strategy 2014-2019, Decade of Action (DoA) for Road Safety 2011-2020 and national developmental agenda, the MVA Fund today handed over bursaries to 13 young persons for qualifications toward Emergency Medical Care, Education, Chemistry, and Science.

These awards include the presentation of four (4) Paramedic bursaries which augment the Fund’s commitment to assist Government in building national capacity in emergency medical care. Correspondingly, the MVA Fund shares the responsibility to build such capacity according to Pillar 5 of the DoA for Road Safety, an undertaking relevant in the Fund’s quest to provide prompt emergency care for sustainable rehabilitation.

Equally, three (3) Physiotherapy and three (3) Occupational Therapy bursaries were awarded to complete the health management continuum in relation to the therapist-to-patient ratio, while three (3) others were offered for qualifications in Education, Chemistry and Science.

Speaking at the ceremony attended by the bursary recipients and their parents/guardians, Mr Phillip Nghifitikeko, the MVA Fund Acting Chief Executive Officer stated “According to the MVA Fund 2017 Road Crash and Claims Report, 67% of persons who were involved in a road crash, had died at the scene of the crash, 22% died while receiving medical attention at hospitals and 3% died while being transported to hospitals.

This scenario reflects the need for capacity building in the emergency medical response services sector as well as in-hospital care and rehabilitation. As such, the Fund prides itself in the role it plays in positively contributing to life-changing initiatives which in turn contribute to the social upliftment of our communities” and quality health care.

By the same token, he called on the bursary recipients to study hard and take pride in their choice of study and career, while promptly urging the parents/guardians to take an active interest in what the students do as it will advance their academic and overall success.

The MVA Fund has offered bursaries in various fields of study since 2007, and has seen effective collaboration with Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and University of Namibia (UNAM).