On the 4th of May 2019, the MVA Fund lent a helping hand to the marginalised Hai //Om San community of Ondera Farm, nearby Oshivelo in the Oshikoto Region through a sponsorship or investment of close to N$200 000.00.

The gesture is aimed to sustainably enhance the livelihood of its inhabitants, provide income-generating initiatives and improve the dignity of the children.

As a Government institution, the Fund is obliged to respond to the needs of the same society it serves, and strives to embrace the notion of inclusivity and prosperity for all, while complementing Government’s national developmental agenda.  As such, the Fund undertook this humbling act of giving in line with its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Policy. The Policy is built on four pillars which provide a framework for lending a helping hand: Education and skills development; foster strategic partnerships; support persons with disabilities as a result of motor vehicle crashes and support institutions representing people with disabilities.  While CSI activities are aimed at providing various opportunities for the upliftment of communities, they may not necessarily be aligned to the Fund’s daily operational activities.

Said the MVA Fund Chief Executive Officer, Ms Rosalia Martins-Hausiku: “In our quest to positively contribute to the lives of various communities, especially those in the marginalized groups, the MVA Fund selected the Ondera Farm community as beneficiaries of our CSI programme. Together with my team, I am thankful for the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the lives of fellow citizens, especially those that indeed need the kind of support rendered by the MVA Fund of Namibia today”.