The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund has taken zero tolerance on fraud and corruption. Due to its susceptibility to fraud and corruption in the process of settling claims and general procurement of services, the Fund has employed different strategies to mitigate inherent risk associated with dishonest acts of fraud and corruption.

It has also developed appropriate processes which minimize the risk of fraud and where it occurs, to prosecute perpetrators.


  • Any fraud or corruption committed against the MVA Fund will be reported to appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agencies for investigation and prosecution.
  • The Fund reserves the right to institute proceedings aimed at recovering any loss suffered.
  • The Fund shall endeavor to afford protection to a whistleblower as provided for in Section 45 of the Whistleblower Protection Act, 2017 (Act 10 of 2017) and Section 52 of the Anti-Corruption Act, 2003 (Act 8 of 2003).
  • It is the prerogative of the MVA Fund to publish or not to publish the incident.

 -  Published article will include a generic description of fraud and the actions taken by the MVA Fund.

 - The article may also include information that will make employees and members of the public more informed about consequence of engaging in dishonest acts and may reinforce steps that should be taken if someone has information relating to other possible fraudulent or corrupt operations.

The Fund’s Anti-Fraud hotline –0811 550505 –can be utilised by the public, upon the detection of claims fraud, to report any suspected fraudulent activities. The public is further reminded to report all road crashes to the MVA Fund’s Accident Response Number (ARN) 9286, as doing so can save lives.