The MVA Fund Board of Directors hereby announce, with regret, that the institution’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jerry Muadinohamba, has decided not to renew his contract for a  further term once his contract expires in January 2014.         

Mr. Muadinohamba has declared his intention to the Board not to renew his contract with the Fund and the Board respects and accepts that decision.  On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Mr. Muadinohamba for the significant contribution he has diligently made to the Fund since his appointment as the Fund’s substantive CEO in 2004. 

During the past 9 years, Mr. Muadinohamba’s extraordinary vision and leadership has successfully guided the Fund’s transformation from an institution faced with many challenges into one of the leading state owned enterprises with superior and broad based service delivery. He is considered as an innovative leader who is continuously engaged in the quest for business process improvement as well as the sustenance of a strong business culture of execution with high performing individuals and teams.  

Mr. Muadinohamba is a leader who continuously energizes and inspires people around him to reach greater heights. His personality and leadership skills earned him the trust of employees and business partners alike – while his passionate support and belief in people are the qualities that separate him from many of his peers.


In order to ensure a smooth transition period, the Board has approved the appointment of a recruitment agency to assist the Board in the recruitment of the CEO. This process will start later this year with public advertisements calling for applications from both internal and external candidates.

The Board would like to assure the public that recruitment of the new CEO will be done in accordance with Section 20 of the MVA Fund Act of 2007, which clearly stipulate that  the CEO of the MVA Fund is duly appointed by the Board with the concurrence of the Minister of Works and Transport.  

In conclusion, on the behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to further assure the public that the Fund will continue to function as usual and that the institution will continue to serve its claimants and service providers diligently during the transition period and until the new CEO is appointed.