How to claim from the MVA Fund

The following process provides an outline of how claims are received and processed by the MVA Fund:

  1. Crash occurs.
  2. Call Centre is notified.
  3. Call Centre dispatches ambulance.
  4. Injured person is treated at the most appropriate medical facility.
  5. MVA Fund issues MVAF reference number.
  6. Case Manager undertakes hospital visits & issues claim form for submission by injured person.
  7. Injured person is discharged from hospital.
  8. Injured person submits claim form.
  9. MVA Fund assesses claim and process payment of injury grant if applicable.
  10. Case Manager drafts & implements rehab plans in consultation with claimant.
  11. Case Manager obtains progress medical report from specialists.
  12. MVA Fund communicates medical undertaking outcome of assessment.
  13. Claim is either closed or further rehab is provided.