Our commitment to Customer Service

The MVA Fund Customer Service Charter is an integral strategic objective of the Fund that sets standards of superior customer service.

It is our pledge to you, our customers, to deliver exceptional service at all times.
It is our commitment to a high level of standards that you can expect from us whenever you need our services.
It is our promise to be pro-active, to lend a helping hand, to be concerned, and to go the extra mile.

We Pledge to:

  • Acknowledge you within a reasonable time upon arrival at our offices
  • Be fair, honest and committed
  • Answer the phone within at least five rings when you call us
  • Provide feedback within 48 hours on your claim enquiry when you call us
  • Finalize funeral claims within 7 days and all other claims in 30 days
  • Follow-up immediately on reported accident victims
  • Respond to serious accidents within the golden hour
  • Attend to website enquiries upon receipt
  • Assist you in a language that you can understand, whenever possible
  • Serve you with a friendly smile.
  • Listen to you with an open, empathetic mind
  • Identify ourselves clearly
  • Provide appropriate names and contact number
  • Investigate all complaints within three working days
  • Learn from your comments and complaints in order to continually improve our services.

You can help us by

  • Being honest, polite and patient
  • Providing us with accurate information
  • Completing your MVA Fund forms and documents accurately and timely
  • Informing us when you are unhappy with our service delivery
  • Informing us of fraudulent activities

Our Customer Service Orientation

Courtesy and Helpfulness

We believe that our customers justify our existence; therefore, all our efforts will focus on ensuring that the services we provide are to our client’s satisfaction and meet their needs.
We will warmly welcome you. We will wear name badges and provide contact details whenever applicable.

  • In dealing with each other and with our clients, we will have empathy for the plight of others, respect other people’s different views, and be supportive and caring when dealing with you.
    In a multicultural society we believe that our services are available equally to all who are entitled to them. We will as far as possible deliver our services to suit your needs.

  • We commit to handling all claims with the utmost of confidentiality and fairness as mandated by law.

  • We will disclose relevant information fully and accurately in an open and transparent manner. We will have relevant information readily available at all times upon request.

  • We will be professional in conduct, manner and attitude. We will be honest and truthful in dealing with our customers.

  • We will communicate effectively by ensuring that you can easily find out everything you want to know about the fund’s services through clear communication in face situations, over the telephone or in any written formats.